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The Vineyard Experience

A big thank you to everyone who popped in over the June long weekend to help us launch our wine tasting area.  We were thrilled with the number of people who came to support us.

We will continue to grow our little space both physically and with what we offer.  At this stage we remain committed to opening on the first weekend of the month, with further dates below and to be released along the way.  To keep informed, please follow us on Facebook.  We have had a lot of people contact us to come and visit, with enough warning we make ourselves available.  It is always worth giving us a call as if we are here, we would happily welcome you without any notice – 0438 039727.

Our fixed dates for 2019 are:

  • Saturday August 31st and Sunday 1st of September
  • Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of October
  • Saturday 1st, Sunday 2nd, Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th of November
  • Saturday 30th of November and Sunday 1st of December

On the first of July with the vines still in dormancy it was a good time for Andrew and I to take off on a road trip in the Darwin direction.  Our A.T Premium Shiraz joined us and if you didn’t follow journey on our Facebook or Instagram pages, here are some of happy snaps.

The final leg of our trip found us in the Rutherglen area, home of the fortified and as Andrew discovered some amazing Durifs.  We visited both small and large wineries and were greeted with staff/owners that were both passionate about their wines and also very knowledgeable.  Loaded with some more information about what it takes to make a great cellar door experience we came home in time for me to attend a Wine and Tourism Marketing two-day course in Ballarat.  This was a great opportunity for me to get a better understanding of what people are looking for when visiting cellar doors.  Of course, I am still far from understanding this so welcome feedback from you all on what you enjoy or would like to see us offer.  Please email your thoughts to me!

Seiously Shiraz – You will be receiving this just in time for one the biggest weekends in our area.  Seriously Shiraz kicks off on Friday with all cellar doors in the area open and with events to keep everyone interested.  We will be open for tastings from 11am-5pm both Saturday and Sunday. 

Andrew is also making himself available to take visitors for a walk through our vineyard talking all things viticulture that help to grow the premium grapes that go into our wine.  Click on the LINK for more details about our event on Facebook.

For Visit Victoria’s guide to the Seriously Shiraz events across the area click on this LINK

website under construction sign

Our website has been clunky and in need of a makeover for a long time now.  It is in the process of being updated to make ordering wine online easier and to improve the ease of navigating other information. 

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We are very excited that our wine is now available in some new outlets in the area for when coming to see us is difficult for you.  Miners Ridge wines are now available at:

  • Horsham Celebrations
  • Horsham Premix King
  • Ararat Premix King
  • Ararat Blue Duck Hotel
  • Stawell Diamond House

And hopefully soon to be in Portland, Stawell and Halls Gap.  Of course, we love our ongoing supporters at the Great Western Hotel and Steel Cutters Great Western.

While we were away our newest member of the Miners Ridge family was put in a bottle and had its very bright label attached. This beautiful floral in flavour wine is now available for sale.

Our Bed and Breakfast continues to be a popular getaway for both Australians and International guests.  There must be something about staying on a vineyard that draws people to us, or maybe it is because it is a converted rail carriage, or perhaps it is just the charm of the hosts!!  The majority of our bookings come through the AirBnB platform; however, people can book directly with us as well. 

Guests have been enjoying the fire drum and picnic table

down by the dam over the cooler months.  

The picture on the left was drawn by a

guest.  It was their impression of our

accommodation and the big kangaroo that must have paid them a visit.

Vineyard and Wine June Update

Not much happens at this time of the year in the vineyard with the vines going into dormancy for another year.  With the help of ‘The Pruning Gang’ both vineyards are pruned and wires are being dropped.  Andrew is still pruning the young Riesling himself to train them in their early years, but has retired from all other pruning!

Pruned Vineyard

The vines have enjoyed some good rain post vintage, which it hasn’t seen for a few years.  Our dam is filling up, tanks are full, garden is thanking us and we have needed to buy gumboots.  Happy grape growers!

With the pruning done, and the vines resting for a couple of months it is the perfect opportunity for us to take off for a while to seek out some warmer weather! So we are Darwin bound on July first for 5 weeks, leaving our home and vineyard in the capable hands of some experienced house sitters.

We had our first open weekend a couple weeks ago over the June long weekend and plan on having more regular open days when we return from Darwin.  At the bottom of this update will be the dates we will be open, but can open by appointment.  So if you want to pop around to taste our wines just give us a call to check we are around, and if we are would be happy to open for you.

In the meantime, if you are interested in stocking up on our wine before we leave, please send us an email this week (by Thursday 27th of June) and we will ship it out to you before we take off.

Our wines

2017 Riesling                                     $25 a bottle

2018 Chardonnay                              $25 a bottle

2019 Viognier                                   $25 a bottle                   – Due for release September 2019

2017 Shiraz                                           $25 a bottle.

2016 Cabernet Sauvignon           $25 a bottle.

2017 A.T Reserve Shiraz              $35 a bottle.

Miners Ridge Wine Tasting area

Address:         135 Westgate Road, Armstrong

Contacts:        0408 53 5623 or 0438 039 727

Our wine tasting area will be open on the first weekend of every month and some extra dates which are also listed below.  These are the dates for the next 6 months with 2019 dates to be released later in the year. 

Regular 1st
weekend of
  Dates   Other dates
August Not open yet! Saturday 10th Aug
Sunday 11th Aug  
September Saturday 31st Aug
Sunday 1st Sep
Saturday 28th Sep
Sunday 29th Sep  
October Saturday 5th Oct
Sunday 6th Oct
November Saturday 1st Nov
Sunday 2nd Nov
Monday 3rd Nov
Tuesday 4th Nov  
December Saturday 30th Nov
Sunday 1st Dec

Don’t forget to contact us if you would like to visit outside of these hours and LIKE us on Facebook for updates of other dates, we will be open! We may also pop up at a few events in the area in the future.

Our premium single vineyard wines are made using traditional methods of hand harvesting with minimal intervention. Our recently opened wine tasting room on the property provides you an opportunity to visit where the grapes are grown, meet the us and taste our wines.

Of course, if you are looking to make a weekend of it, our converted train carriage on the property operates as a Bed & Breakfast for those of you wanting the whole experience and a place to base yourselves while you explore the area.  Book directly with us or AirBnB.

Wine tasting area open

Our wine tasting area will be open over the June long weekend for the first time. Our small but full of character space is ready to welcome you!

We will be open between 12-5pm Saturday – Monday. The road is graded, the heater will be on and all five of our wines will be open for tasting.

Join us at 135 Westgate Road, Armstrong, we would be stoked to see you!

Wine tasting and sales opening soon

After years of making wine in small quantities, we have upped the anti and increased production. With a focus on estate grown wines made in traditional styles and straight varieties we are excited to be able to offer these for tasting and sales on our property soon.

Details and dates of when we will be open will be available soon. In the meantime, watch this space for details of when we will be open on the June long weekend.

We are very excited to welcome you to our property to share our passion of growing and producing premium quality grapes and wines with you.

Not just another Grampians Winery

a nice little write up by The Farm Escape after a stay in our Bed and Breakfast……. read article here

Inside the Railway Bed and Breakfast.

2019 Vintage underway

Its always a roller coaster of emotions at this time of the year.  Weather is too hot, too dry, no we don’t need rain…. keep up if you can.  Add to that wildlife and finding a harmonious balance between wanting to let them drink from the dam and nibble on the grass and not wanting them to decimate our vineyard by nibbling on our grapes!

That said, we have started and our Riesling and Chardonnay has been picked and is at the winery being turned from grapes into wine!  Last week we also did a bit of handpicking of our Shiraz.

Things look like they will be a bit quiet this week with everything ramping up again next week and should be all over in time for a break over Easter.


Minersridge Wines for Christmas this year

For details on how to order a bottle, twin pack, triple pack, 6 pack or dozen check this out!


Minersridge Wine release for Christmas



Wine for Christmas

Try one, or stock up!


2016 Cabernet Sauvignon

2017 Riesling

2017 Shiraz


All $25 a bottle with free freight in the local area.

Single, twin, triple, half dozen and dozen packs.

Mix packs are available.

Why not let us take care of your shopping and send a three pack to someone on your ‘list’ in time for Christmas.  You tell us, where and when to have it delivered and we will organise it for you.  We can even write a message on a Christmas card for you!

 To order or request a quote on freight contact:

      Andrew and Katrina Toomey

     minersridgewines@bigpond.com or

      0438 039727

Katrina’s Happy Place

Andrew and I enjoyed a break recently and while travelling in Europe we stayed with a family we know who live on a farm in Burgundy. To supplement the farm income they built and sustain a large fruit and vegetable garden in their backyard.


They also started a little produce store next to their house where they pick their produce in the morning to sell that day. The store sells their fruit and vegetables as well as all other local produce including meats, cheese (mmmm the french know how to make cheese), preserves and more.
The local village is nearby and they get some passing trade from cyclists and the odd small canal boat, but predominately is supported by locals buying locally.
Each night, the family all help to prepare the meal and all sit down to eat together, and of course drink amazing wines.
I found it very inspiring and a bit sad that it is not the ‘norm’ for all of this here in Australia.
I am sharing some photos to give you an idea.

Tasting notes for our current wines in 2018

Minersridge wine tasting notes.doc